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Singer Bangladesh

Singer Asia currently owns 56.99% of the shares of the public company, Singer Bangladesh Limited ("Singer Bangladesh"). Singer has operated in the geographic area of Bangladesh since 1895.

Singer Bangladesh's revenue in 2016 was Tk 9bn.

Singer Bangladesh's strategy is to seek to further boost revenue and profit by increasing the number of sales locations, particularly in rural areas; modernizing and improving existing outlets; improving and broadening the product offering; and expanding the range of financial services offered.

At the end of 2016 Singer Bangladesh operated 374 retail stores. The Bangladesh company also has 425 independent dealers. Singer Bangladesh is the largest retailer in Bangladesh of household consumer durables with an approximate 25% overall market share and significant market shares across several products.

Products traditionally have been sold in Bangladesh using the Singer brand. Since 2005, the Bangladesh company began to offer non-Singer brand home appliances and electronics, some of which brands, such as Godrej, Haier, Huawei, LG, Samsung, Skyworth, Videocon, and Whirlpool, are being sold under exclusive or co-exclusive brand distribution arrangements.

Singer Bangladesh has its own manufacturing facility that assembles televisions and air conditioners and manufactures refrigerators and furniture.

For additional information regarding Singer Bangladesh, see the Singer Bangladesh website: and the Singer Bangladesh public company annual report.

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